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Who Am I?

My name is Genny Romero, I am a (Life Coach) graduate from the International Coaching Group (ICG).

I am a specialist in Neuro-Linguistic programming, graduated from the Superior School of PNL and trained by Dr. Edmundo Velasco.

I am a Hypnotherapist, a reconversion instructor , I work Biodescodificacion and Radiesthesia, some of the most innovative techniques that help to create immediate changes in physical and spiritual health.

My interest was born after having gone through a series of adverse situations that marked my life, by applying the techniques that I profess today I discovered profound excellent results, a great passion to help generate positive change in peoples life was born in me. Guided by my own experience, I can affirm that we can achieve anything we want, Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming are the best proven techniques to achieve our goals in a short time.

By integrating the mentioned techniques I have been able to offer my clients a complete and efficient service. With my experience and my techniques we can achieve wonderful and necessary results to improve our emotional, physical and spiritual health.

The sessions that I offer have an remarkable value, I will guide you and acquire different techniques that can be implemented in your daily life, this will generate the changes you want and obtain a better quality of life.

Nothing is better than…

1. Creating positive habits that improve communication with our partners, children and family.

2. Modify our behavior

3. Improve our self-esteem

4. Improve our finances

5. Know how to meet our goals

6. Manage our words and thoughts

If we do not improve in these aspects they can destroy us!

I can help you convert the disease into health, give yourself the opportunity to perform these sessions to improve the levels of your Life! Our mental health, emotional well-being, and physical health, have no price …

Find more information in my website www.gennyromero.com

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