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​​​​Telangiectasia can be seen everywhere on the body. They are red linear marks usually measuring 1-2 mm in width and several millimeters to centimeters in length usually found on the face, nose, cheeks and chin.

Minor skin irregularities that can occur on any part of the body. Cherry angiomas appear as a tiny pin-point red papules, especially on the trunk and it increases with age. They are benign, fairly common skin growths tat vary in size. The cherry-red bumps develop alone or in groups. 

Clogged Pores affect 85-100% of people at some point in the life. They are non-inflamed follicular papules, may may be labeled in severe forms as well.

​Milia is a group of small cysts that create white bumps typically appearing on the nose and chin.

​Inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin.

Small hard lumps that develop under the skin and treated on the epidermis of the skin.

​Blackheads are very common with almost all ages. It is a plug of sebum in a hair follicle which turns dark by oxidation.

Sebaceous hyperplasia can be single or in multiples and may manifest as yellowish, soft, small papules.  

Caused by an increase in melanin, flat hyperpigmentation darkens areas or the skin, even more with over-exposure to the sun.

Skin Tags are our most popular skin treatments. They appear to protrude from the skin, and may show up in many areas on the body.

Back by popular demand! The top layer of dull dead skin cells will reveal a smoother, brighter complexion by a method of exfoliation that consists of using a  gauge scalpel to gently scrape off the top layer of your skin. Your face will feel like new. Book now while still available!


Cherry Angioma

Clogged Pores


Acne Pimple

Epidermal Cyst


Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Flat Hyperpigmentation

​Skin Tag

Our non-laser treatments are applied only on the epidermis layer of the skin focusing on minor skin imperfections for both men and women. This new age, high-frequency service treats: Acne, Hyperpigmentation, Capillaries, Sebaceous Hyperplasia, Keratosis, Milia, Skin Tags and more!

Our services are performed by our senior licensed esthetician who is proud to change lives every day through various treatments that is wellnes driven, using all natural and freshly made products.

Dermaplaning + Eyebrown Wax              $69   Reg Price $84   

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